London Kaye Yarn Bomb Collaboration

Le 05 February 2016
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    London Kaye
    You Are Loved
    Yarn Bomb

    We partnered with London Kaye to show New York City that this Valentine's Day, they are loved. Read about the collaboration below.
    We asked London to collaborate with us on a yarn bomb heart stitched with DMC Natura XL yarn. The results of this collaboration was truly amazing with a huge positive response from New Yorkers who walked by the heart every day for the month the heart was up. The heart went viral on social media and New Yorkers came from all over to snap a selfie in front of the heart and share why they felt loved that day. Those are some powerful positive vibes.


    London Kaye's signature style of crocheting on fences launched her into the local NYC street-art scene. She started off as a classically trained dancer. At the age of thirteen she discovered her passion for crocheting. IMG_7310_800x800


    London's journey started one afternoon when a friends Mom taught her to crochet. She never thought it would become something big. After receiving a dance scholarship to NYU and graduating, she dove into the street-art scene with large, public crochet installations. IMG_7318_800x800


    Crocheting is a passion for London. After learning to crochet a scarf, she ended up crocheting about 400 scarves within a year. Her installations are a way to showcase and share her love of the craft. LondonKaye_800x800


    Her work can be found all over Brooklyn and New York City including this large crochet heart in collaboration with Commonthread. Her passion for re-imagining crochet in art is beautiful and innovative. “This heart was made in crochet to remind whomever passes by, that you are loved. Let’s form a CommonThread”. [associated-products] Stop by to see the installation. Feel free to snap a picture and share it on instagram: #DMCLove #DMCYarn #DMCDIY #yarnbomb #NaturaXL Love and Threads, The Commonthread Team

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