A Chat with Jenn Riggs of Thread Honey

Le 26 January 2017
Meet the Maker

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    A Chat with Jenn Riggs of Thread Honey

    DMC Designer Collection contributor, Jenn Riggs of Thread Honey makes every pop culture buff proud. Her multifaceted designs bring whimsy and lightheartedness to embroidery—perfect for every generation of stitcher. We invited Jenn to share some of her thoughts and memories about stitching. Read below to learn how she got her start!

    Jenn Riggs of Thread Honey 

     DMC: Who taught you how to embroider/cross stitch/knit/crochet?  

    Jenn Riggs: My grandmother originally taught me to cross-stitch when I was about 8. She came to visit us in Texas for Christmas and I can still remember the small hoop that she gave me with a snowman pattern on it.

    DMC: Looking back, what did that mean to you?

    JR: I’ve always been crafty and I think that is something that I have inherited from my grandmother. She’s one of those amazing women that can cook a meal, crochet a blanket, and paint a small canvas all in the same day. She still paints to this day at age 87! She remains one of my biggest role models.

    DMC: What got you hooked on the needle arts?

    JR: When my grandmother originally taught me I thought it was fun but I wasn’t very interested in things like snowmen, so over time I forgot all about cross-stitching. When I was in college pursuing a degree in visual arts we were learning about different mediums and I remembered the embroidery techniques that I was taught at an early age. I decided to take it up again, this time creating my own patterns and putting my own unique spin on it. This is when I truly fell in love with embroidery. I love the ability to use different mediums like canvas, paint, and watercolor to create art in a tactile way.

    DMC: Have you passed your talents down?

    JR: I’ve hooked a few friends on embroidery and it’s always so fun to see them start to love it as much as I do! I hope to one day share embroidery with my nieces and grandnieces just as my grandmother shared with me.

    DMC: Why do you think passing this down is so important?

    JR: Embroidery is such a beautiful art form because it’s steeped in tradition. It’s commonly been regarded as “women’s work,” and I love that there is a generation of women now using this skill that has been around for thousands of years to create something brand new from it.

    DMC: What’s your fave stitch and DMC color?

    JR: My favorite stitch is the cretan leaf stitch. I think I can happily stitch leaves forever! My favorite DMC colour (it’s so hard to choose!) is #3842 – Dark Wedgewood. The blue is so vibrant and pigmented it adds a beautiful richness to any project I’m working on.

    DMC: Where do you find inspiration?

    JR: I always try to look at the humor in life. I think a lot of people are drawn to my work because they associate embroidery with something that people take too seriously. I love to embroider because it makes me happy and there are no rules, you can stitch swear words or a sunset scene and it’s all beautiful in it’s own way.

    Explore all of Jenn's patterns in our Designer Collection.   

    Love and Threads, The DMC Team

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