Win $250 Worth of Embroidery Floss!

Le 31 August 2015
Meet our Artisans

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    Hi there! Rachel Faucett of Handmade Charlotte here and I'm speaking with you today to announce my new partnership with Commonthread by DMC! And what better way to start off than with a discussion of color? You know how some days just give off a sea foam vibe while others are more on the salmon side? No, we’re not talking seafood—we’re talking color! We believe every day should have its own color, because every day is as unique as you and I are. Speaking of you and me, this is where we come in. We should be able to pick a different color for each different day. And this just in: now one lucky embroiderer will be able to! That’s right—you could win 365 days worth of floss color to saturate your whole year! Is it just me, or did the word “rich” suddenly take on a whole new meaning? DMC-rafflecopter-1
    And how is this miracle possible, you may ask? Well, when we heard quality crafting supplier DMC was launching a new creative hub, Commonthread, we wanted to be part of the celebration. (Because when have we ever passed on an opportunity to party?) We love bringing light to new crafting initiatives, and we’re particularly fond of this one. In their own words, Commonthread is DMC’s “tribute to the community of makers, artists, DIY enthusiasts, and anyone who shares the creative spirit.” Pretty much covers all the bases, don’t it? Still don’t believe us? Well here’s the full monty: they’ve got DIY projects for all kinds of thread crafting, tutorials for beginners, an impressive selection of finished goods crafted by artisan super- stars, and kits and patterns to make your own. But who am I kidding? You’re probably already surf- ing their site, praising the gods in craft heaven while I’m blabbing away over here. That might be my cue to get back to the contest. Here are the sweet deets: we’re not just giving you a chance to win a year’s worth of embroidery floss, we’re giving you several chances. Sound too good to be true? For once, it’s not! There are multiple ways to enter the contest, which means you can increase your number of entries, AND your chances of winning. You have until September 28th to enter, which means your creative juices can flow freely for a full month! Now that I’ve got your attention, head over to Rafflecopter for everything else you need to know.  

    Click Here For Everything You Need to Know for the 365 Days of Color Rafflecopter!

      And now for our trusty good-luck sign-off: a roundup of our favorite Commonthread Artisan Goods to get you in the (competitive) crafting mood! [associated-products]   DMC-rafflecopter-2
    These hand-stitched cards make it easy to tell your BFFs you care in a more personalized way (even if you don’t have time to stitch them yourself)!  
    This rotary phone puts a creative twist on the classic hoop art concept, making a pretty conversation piece! (Get it?)   DMC-rafflecopter-4
    How cute are these embroidered napkins? So cute I would have a hard time using them, but I’d surely show them off!   DMC-rafflecopter-5
    Who knew you could thread together such a dimensional accessory? This bib necklace makes for the perfect geometrical statement piece.   DMC-rafflecopter-6
    If you’ve got thread skills, flaunt them! Even if you don’t, this spool brooch will still look lovely on your hat, sweater, or bag!
    We had to show you this awesome strawberry sign to whet your string-art appetite. Yes, that means there is more to come! Make sure to check out our string-art roundup, coming soon! We hope this has helped you gain inspiration for your future crafts and, of course, the contest ahead! Good luck and happy crafting!

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