Artisan Crush Saturdays: Mr. Finch

Le 18 September 2015
Meet our Artisans

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    Finch-2 Finch-5There are those that dream of being creative and then there are those that were born with every creative bone known to mankind. The latter describes Finch of Mister Finch. Finch is actually his surname but that is what he goes by. With absolutely no formal training in textile or sewing, Finch lives in Leeds in Yorkshire, not too far from Yorkshire Dales in the UK. He is completely self taught and is an absolute creative genius. Finch is fascinated by birds, insects and flowers. He focuses on their life cycles, nests and behaviors.
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    Finch creates masterpieces that can easily be translated to everyday life. His work is seamless and bold. He has tapped into a part of textile that some are scared to approach. The colors are unbelievable! Finch finds joy hunting for things for his work. The pieces he uses are recycled materials. he uses them not only as an ethical statement, but he believes they add authenticity and charm. I wish all artists thought this way!
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    Anyone and everyone can appreciate artists that tell stories in their work. When the details are more important than the cost of creating the item, you know you have found a good thing! Mister Finch is going places and we can’t wait to watch his journey unfold.

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