Anything Is Possible: Spotlight on Barbara Demorest & Knitted Knockers

Le 16 March 2016
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     Anything Is Possible: Spotlight on Barbara Demorest & Knitted Knockers

    One fabulous stitcher we couldn’t wait to chat with is Barbara from Knitted Knockers. Barbara is an amazing person with a special mission: to support women post breast cancer treatment while fostering a supportive community around knitting. We caught up with Barbara over lunch this week and are thrilled to share her story.


    Why did you start Knitted Knockers?

    It was an organic development and something I cannot lay claim to. After having breast cancer and going through the treatments, I hit a very low point in my life. Due to complications after being reconstructed, things like picking out something to wear became a difficult task. After confiding in my doctor, he asked “do you knit?” He suggested Knitted Knockers as he had heard about it. After having a friend look into it, she found a pattern, knitted it, and gifted it to me. This was so special and important because it was knitted and gifted with care. The pattern was from a woman in Maine who had started Knitted Knockers. After contacting her, I found out they were no longer in business. I wanted to continue the legacy so with permission to use the name, I proceeded to provide the knockers to doctors’ offices.   1904048_1018521858163557_8335159349361951618_n

    How did you start knitting?

    My mother taught me to knit when I was young. I would casually knit growing up. Later on, I joined a knitting group at a local yarn shop. The group helped me to expand my horizons and provided a nice sense of community. This allowed me to step up my knitting game. After being diagnosed with breast cancer I went back to the knitting group.   Blog2

    We love Knitted Knockers! In your words, what is the mission of Knitted Knockers?

    A very big mission is to connect the volunteer knitters with breast cancer survivors. There is such a huge demand for the knockers. No one group can do it by themselves. Our mission is to inspire and equip volunteers to provide for their own communities. allows people to go online and order the knocker. If the group can provide for the state, they will refer the request to the group for that state. For states that do not have any volunteers, the knockers are knitted by our team. We provide knitted knockers all over the world. Requests come in daily with individuals and groups asking “how can I help?”   12359911_1197574383591636_7142647333913207768_n

    What's your favorite DMC thread?

    I always thought DMC was a thread company and I didn’t know they also started manufacturing and selling yarn. During a show in Chicago, we spoke to Allison the VP of Marketing & eCommerce for Commonthread. Because our booths were right across from each other, the DMC team heard all of the information that we gave to the attendees. Throughout the show we spoke and she told us how much she loved what we were doing. We spoke about DMC Natura yarn and asked if it would work for us. We knitted one up on the spot and loved the way it knit.  


    How can people help Knitted Knockers?

    There are 3 ways you can help: 1. Volunteering your time and your craft. If you knit or crochet, request information from 2. Share on your social media. 3. Donate! Every cent helps.   Barbara, we are ecstatic to feature you on Commonthread by DMC. Your story and your mission is admirable and we can’t wait to keep our stitchers updated on some collaborations between Knitted Knockers and Commonthread by DMC. Stay Tuned! And stay stitching!   Love and Threads, The Commonthread by DMC Team

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