Le 19 September 2017
Meet the Maker

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    We have been fans of Jess Morillo for such a long time, it was an honour to collaborate with her on our latest collection of Free Patterns. We sat down with Jess to find out what her inspiration is, how she started stitching and her plans for the future. 

    1. Who taught you how to stitch?

    My 4th grade teacher, I was nine years old! The first thing I stitched was a book in a cross stitch workshop we did in school. I loved it! I wanted to do more, so my mum bought cross stitch charts for me and I started stitching. After some years I got bored of filling squares and following a predesigned drawing, and I stopped stitching.

    I started stitching again whilst studying fashion design, without being aware that I was doing embroidery, I would simply sew and decorate my garments. It was my most loved part of the whole process. I also did some embroidery workshops at Duduá (a craft workshop space in Barcelona) to learn other techniques and stitches.

    2. Looking back, what does it mean to you?

    I’ve been doing embroidery for many years now as a hobby, but when I had to stop working for health reasons, embroidery gave me life.It connected me to reality, to creativity, gave me energy to do things… it motivated me to create more, to investigate, to observe everything…

    3. What do you love most about it?

    I grab the threads, needle, embroidery hoop… and the time flies!

    I’ve always been fascinated to see how a piece is created from nothing, just stitching, and not only with embroidery, also with other techniques. Ceramics, painting and knitting…. With simple materials you can do amazing things!!! I love it. I love seeing how things turn out in the end. Even if you had it clear idea in your mind from the beginning, the hands always give their own touch.

    4. Have you passed on your knowledge?

    I have taught some stitches to my closest friends that wanted to stitch something, but nothing else. Right now I’m working on “La Bordateca” a project totally focused on embroidery. It will be a website where I will share information, inspiration, interviews, resources… I wanted to create a website where everybody that loves to embroidery or wants to learn, can find the resources to start stitching. (www.labordateca.com)

    5. Why do you thing teaching your knowledge is important?

    Sharing is very important! Not everybody can go to workshops, so that’s where the idea of La Bordateca was born, to learn and discover new things with embroidery.


    6. What’s your favorite stitch and favorite DMC color?

    My favorite stitch is the straight stitch. It gives me freedom to fill and construct. I love to use it to fill like crazy, the texture is great.
    My favorite color (its so difficult to just choose one) is 563.

    7. What’s your source of inspiration?

    Everything I see! It can be when I’m watching a movie, going for a walk, listening to a song, having a conversation, reading a book… In fact, the inspiration finds you.





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