Le 02 May 2018
Meet the Maker

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    We have been fans of Holly Maguire for so long, it was amazing to finally be able to collaborate with her on our latest collection of Free Patterns. We sat down with Holly to find out what her inspiration is, how she started stitching and her plans for the future.

    1. Who taught you to design?

    I have always loved drawing and am lucky that I come from a creative family who always encouraged me to persue Art & Illustration. My mum is a ceramic artist and also illustrates beautifully. My Auntie is a fashion designer which I always found hugely inspiring. I also studied Illustration at Cardiff Art Schhol and have been freelancing ever since. 

    2. Looking back, what did that mean to you?

    Drawing always felt so natural to me as a way to express myself when I was really young. All i needed was a pack of felt tips and I could create my own little world filled with my own characters! Drawing always brought me the most joy. 

    3. What got you hooked?

    Much like when I was a child I love being able to escape to a little world of my own with my Illustrations! It's also a really incredible feeling when you see your work out there on books or products and people enjoying and choosing to have them in their homes. 

    4. Have you passed your talents down?

    I am actually going to teach my my first 'childrens painting' workshop next mother and this is something I have been thinking about for some time. I want to be able to pass on my skills and show children that there are lots of different creative paths they cab take that I wasn't made aware of in school when I was a child. 

    5. Why do you think passing this down is so important?

    Passing down crafts and handmade skills are important because we'd never want them to be lost or forgotten. These skills keep us in touch with being human and give us a connection to our past. They also allow us to escape the busier and busier reality of every day life. 

    6. What's your fave stitch and DMC color?

    Ooh there are so many! I do love the minty 564 and pinky 892! Both so pretty and work really well together

    7. Where do you find inspiration?

    Getting out and seeing new things is my favorite way to get inspired. I'll maybe go to the park and watch all the people (and dogs!) walk past. Or go to a museum or exhibition to get new ideas. I particularly enjoy going to the Tate Britain to look at the impressionist and pre-Raphaelite paintings. I collect food packaging wherever I go which is a fun and inspiring hobby, and love a good charity shop rummage. Pinterest and Instagram are creat sources of inspiration for me too. 

    All of Hollys patterns are available to download for free here
    You can check out more of her work on her website here

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