Le 08 January 2018
Meet the Maker

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    Following our recent collaboration with Danielle Kroll, we caught up with her to talk about embroidery, her designs and her inspirations

    1. Who taught you how to design/embroider/cross stitch/knit/crochet?

    I taught myself but would watch my grandma sew for hours when I was little. I had a big collection of pillows, halloween costumes and doll clothes that she made for me. At least one of my grandma’s pillows adorned the couch of everyone she knew. They were so charming and on my favorites she’d stitch her name on the back.

    2. Looking back, what did that mean to you?

    It means a lot. I remember how much time she spent making something for us, even when she had arthritis. She definitely passed that sentiment down to me, as I also love making gifts for people when I can.

    3. What got you hooked (in other words, what’d you love about it)?

    When I started embroidering myself my favorite part was going to the craft store and picking out string colors. I was obsessed with winding them on the little cardboard pieces and seeing the colors together in my box. It’s the one thing I’ve ever been able to keep neatly organized.

    4. Have you passed your talents down? To who? If not, do you hope to pass your talents down? If so, to who?

    No, but I’m scheming about a sewing circle with friends soon.

    5. Why do you think passing this down is so important?

    It’s great to preserve traditional crafts that don’t rely on computers.  And it’s just fun to do.

    6. What’s your fave stitch and DMC colour?

    French knots although I don’t always get them right every time. I love the bright blue color 3846. It reminds me of the Caribbean Sea.  

    7. Where do you find inspiration?

    While walking around thrift shops or flea markets and seeing what weird stuff I can find. I like looking at the details, like the needlepoints, the ceramic finishes, shapes, jewelry, the books. They are little havens of the past in this modern world.

    You can find Daneille's patterns available to download for free here


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