Le 03 November 2017
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    We caught up with An Hee Jin, designer of our latest free patterns, to talk to her about her design story. 

    1. Who taught you how to design / embroider / cross stitch / knit / crochet?

    When I first started, I was pretty much self taught. I did not know anything about embroidery back then.

    2. Looking back, what did that mean to you?

    Honestly I just wanted my drawings to be embroidered. It started as one of my hobbies, but now I'm happy with it. 

    3. What got you hooked (in other words, what'd you love about it)?

    I majored in Comics. Like I said before, I've always wanted to try drawing things in new and different ways. This is pretty much why I started embroidery. It is extremely fascinating for me to draw lines first and then fill them in with stitches.

    4. Have you passed your talents down? To who? If not, do you hope to pass your talents down? If so, to who?

    Yes, I have. I currently teach embroidery classes. Since I started teaching classes, I'm going to teach you to learn how to embroider. I do it myself too. I plan the curriculum and recruit people who are interested. These students are very enthusiastic about learning embroidery!

    5. Why do you think passing this down is so important?

    For me, it started as a hobby. I have researched and found a lot of information about it, and it helped me a lot. I think it could be the purpose of passing it, meaning it will help people find the enjoyment of learning.

    6. What's your fave stitch and DMC color?

    Definitely, the outline stitch is my favorite, and the color is 820.

    7. Where do you find inspiration?

    I find inspiration from being in Nature and by seeing and feeling. Also, I'm motivated by knowing what I want.

    8. Anything else you'd like to share?

    Embroidery was once my hobby, but now it's more than that. It became an essential part of my life. Not to mention that the collaboration between DMC was great fun! I hope to enjoy and find much more creative crafting skills in the long run.

    You can find our collaboration with An Hee Jin availble to download for free here. Don't forget to share your creations with us by using the #DMC1000patterns on Instagram or joining out #STITCHALONG on Facebook. 

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