Le 02 May 2018

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    On 1st April 2018, DMC launched a social media competition inviting artists to submit cross-stitch designs to form part of the 1000 patterns project on dmc.com.  This competition did not include a cash prize.

    Following a number of complaints and some constructive criticism from the craft community on social media, we have amended the competition to include a cash prize of $500, and have extended the competition deadline for an extra month to allow more designers to have a chance of winning.

    We’d like to take the opportunity to clarify our policy on paying designers. All designs commissioned by DMC from designers are paid for. The fee is agreed between DMC and the designer. Moving forward, any competitions will be included in this policy.

    We greatly value the active contribution of the craft community, and look forward to working with the many talented designers amongst you for years to come.

    Image Credit: @clothandtwig

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