National Embroidery Month 2021

Celebrate National Embroidery Month with Kristen Gula of Gulush Threads on Instagram.
    national embroidery month pattern
    Get ready for National Embroidery Month with DMC! To celebrate one of our favorite times of year, we've teamed up with ultra-talented fibre artist, Kristen Gula. Also know as Gulush Threads, Kristen will celebrate and inspire your stitching all month long.Throughout February, Kristen will be taking you on a #stitchventure, where you can follow daily step-by-step tutorials to create her exclusively designed embroidery patterns for yourself!

    To join the fun, be sure to follow Kristen on Instagram where she'll be stitching along with you daily, live! Don't have Instagram? Visit this page throughout February for recaps of Kristen's live events. 


    Be sure to shop this year's skein and tool kit to have all you need. You can shop all of Kristen's favorites on her star stitcher page.
    February 1:    Kick Off, Materials & Pattern Overview, Pattern Transfer   February 15:    Knotted Pearl Stitch & Pistil  (Hill & Cliff - Purple Flowers)
    February 2: Straight & Satin Stitch (Cliff - Edge)   February 16: Lazy Daisy & Cross (Hill & Cliff - Yellow Flowers)
    February 3: Seed Stitch (Cliff - Grass)   February 17: Danish Knot (Hill & Cliff - White Flowers)
    February 4: Stem Stitch Filling (Cliff - Side)   February 18: Raised Leaf Stitch & Fern (Hill - Leaves & Grass)
    February 5: Recap of the Week   February 19: Recap of the Week
    February 8: Encroaching Satin Stitch (Ocean - Base)       February 22: Turkey Work (Clouds)
    February 9: Encroaching Satin Stitch (Ocean Blending)   February 23:

    Rope Stitch (Small Clouds)

    February 10: Chain Stitch (Sun)   February 24:

    Spiral Couching (Moon)

    February 11: Woven Wheel & French Knot (Hill - Pink Flowers)   February 25: Four Legged Knot (Stars) 
    February 12: Recap of the Week   February 26: Wrap Up

    Recommended Supplies


    NEM 2021 Skein Bundle NEM 2021 Tool Bundle



    • 1 8" Oval Hope
    • 2 Pieces of Blank Magic Paper
    • DMC Chenille Needles size 20
    • 28 ct. Linen
    • DMC Steel Peacock Scissors
    • Tapestry Wool: 7484, 7555,7605,7284
    • Mouline Étoilé: C415 (not pictured), C725, C699, C519, C995
    • Diamond Grandé: G168
    • Pearl Cotton Size 5: 725, 415, 414,776 
    • Light Effects: E940
    • Six-strand Embroidery Floss: 30, 517, 728, 3850, 369, 518, 761, 3851, 310, 523, 3766, 3855, 433, 604, 3841, ECRU, 435

    Live Recaps