Mouliné Étoile Collector's Tin


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This exclusive tin includes 35 colors of Mouliné Étoile. The ultimate gift for any crafter, the beautiful tin contains the entire range of our sparkly stranded cotton thread. Stamped with the DMC logo, this special tin also comes with two cross stitch and embroidery patterns. Dimensions: 35 x 20 x 1.3 cm.


Ref : 617BS

Customer Reviews

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Maria Perez / 03/18/2019


Kittylovindeb97479 / 02/10/2019

I have been using this new thread for about a week now on this project I am working on and I just love this thread. I find it great to use and it really adds a great punch to your project. The only thing I found difficult was if I had to pull some stitches ...oops. I did find that sometimes if you have to pull very many stitches then your thread might not make it through that process, but some pulls it did withstand and could be used. I will be ordering another set later when it comes back in stock.

Sharon Hendrix / 12/16/2018

Love This New Thread - easy to work with and love the colors - I am ordering my second tin of these lovelies....❤️❤️❤️

LupusLaw / 11/13/2018

These are thin 6-ply thread which are so much easier to work with than metallics. They do not form knots and are not as delicate as they look. I enjoyed using them in my hand embroidery work but have only used them for outlining so far. I think I have stared at them more than used them...these threads are gorgeous !

Deb Culbertson  / 11/10/2018

Love this thread