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Star Stitchers

To be a DMC Star Stitcher is to be creatively unique and unapologetically authentic.
Our Star Stitchers perfectly represent what it means to be true to who you are and express yourself through your love of needlework.
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Kristen Gula

Kristen Gula of Gulush Threads is known for her vibrant florals and personality. Her modern twist on an age-old medium is highly recognizable. She is a designer, teacher and author. Her book 200 Embroidered Flowers makes getting stitchy with Kristen fun and easy. Shop Kristen's favorites and enjoy her patterns designed exclusively for DMC!

Cassandra Dias

Cassandra Dias started her embroidery journey in January of 2020 which ultimately provided her with a great creative outlet throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then she has been able to develop her own personal embroidery style that has enabled her to grow a huge following. While her main focus is embroidery she aslo enjoys crocheting, painting, and ceramics.

Christi Jay

Christi Johnson is not only the founder of Mixed Color textile studio but an expert in living creatively. Beyond handcrafted stitches, Christi embodies the power of expression. Having studied Fashion Design, she now produces original garments, custom embroidered pieces. Christ lives to educate and share with those around her through the creative process.

Pippa Haynes

Pippa Haynes of Lemon Pepper Studio is a hand embroidery artist from Wiltshire Scotland. After working on editorial and retail set desings for years, Pippa chose to shift her focus to embroidery, and the rest is history. Pippa has used her exploration of ogranic shapes, colors, and textures from nature to produce a line of accessories, home goods, and a haberdashery that celebrate the art of hand embroidery.

Lizzy Bean

Lizzy Dabczynski-Bean is the founder of Stitch People. Stitch People offers cross-stitchers, crafters, and creatives almost endless gifting possibilities with their adorable custom cross-stitch portraits. With literally hundreds of patterns to choose from, you can use their signature mix and match pattern books along with their renowned guidance and approachability to make something truly unique for the people you love!

Rachel Crisp

Rachel Crisp of Blue Sun Threads and is a nature inspired hand embroidery artist. Her love an dpassion for wildlife and the world around her speaks volumes throughout her work. Rachel's textured landscape designs feature unique qualities that give an accurate representation of her passions in life.

Melissa Galbraith

Melissa Galbraith is the incredible fiber artist behind McreativeJ. After working a monotonous desk job, she was reintroduced to embroidery through the need of a creative outlet. Melissa draws on her love of nature to create whimsical and modern designs which she shares through her kits, patterns and virtual workshops.

Sila Gur

Sila Gur of Jolly Hoops began her embroidery journey in 2018 and has been loving it ever since. Her love of fashion and nature are clearly represented throughout her contemporary style of work and color choices. Sila puts passion and love into every single piee she creates.  


Ciara LeRoy of Pretty Strange Design is a Cinciantti based multi-disciplinary designer specializing in lettering, embroidery and fashion. Started in 2107, she had a mission to create "beautifully offbeat creations that inject imagination into everyday life". She most recently designed a 3-part pattern series for DMC inspired by Mental Health Awareness. 

Michelle Staub

Michelle Staub of Stitching Sabbatical first started embroidering embroidering portrait of video game characters as a way to earn extra income. Since then, it has become a way to celebrate those around us, especially our pets! Throughout the years Michelle has turned her hobby into a way to make others feel good.