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Star Stitchers

Kristen Gula

Kristen Gula of Gulush Threads is known for her vibrant florals and personality. Her modern twist on an age-old medium is highly recognizable.

Kristen is a designer, teacher and author. Her book 200 Embroidered Flowers makes getting stitchy with Kristen fun and easy. Shop Kristen's favorites and enjoy her patterns designed exclusively for DMC!

Learn more about Kristen by reading our interview here.

Alexandra Stratkotter

Alexandra Stratkotter is a self-taught stitcher who picked up her first hoop as an act of self-care when her son was little. She quickly fell in love with the textures and colors of embroidery. Especially how easy embroidery was to pick up and put down (with tiny-hands constantly grabbing at things). Her designs are largely drawn from nature and her surroundings.

"DMC has been my go-to embroidery supply brand since I started stitching three and a half years ago. I’ve tried many other brands, and I always come back to DMC for their expansive product lines and high-quality materials."

Jo Saunders

Designed exclusively for DMC by British textile artist Jo Saunders of Sewandsaunders, this Mistletoe design is sure to add some festive cheer to your home. Stitched with Soft Cotton, this leafy design would look perfect in a frame, hoop or even turned into a cushion! 

Jo Saunders famously puts DMC Soft Cotton to amazing use with her floral and plant designs. Discover more of her blooming vibrant stitching when you visit her curated shop page.

Jessica Long

Jessica discovered hand embroidery during maternity leave as a way to relax and have some creative time for herself. Her love of nature (and background in biology) is evident in her animal and floral hand embroidery designs.

“I love DMC threads - the colors, the textures, the varieties! I’m always inspired from a handful of floss. When designing my embroidery patterns I can always find the perfect thread from their collection.”

Christi Jay

Christi Johnson is not only the founder of Mixed Color textile studio but an expert in living creatively. Beyond handcrafted stitches, Christi embodies the power of expression. Having studied Fashion Design, she now produces original garments, custom embroidered pieces. Christ lives to educate and share with those around her through the creative process.

Lizzy Bean

Lizzy Dabczynski-Bean is the founder of Stitch People. Stitch People offers cross-stitchers, crafters, and creatives almost endless gifting possibilities with their adorable custom cross-stitch portraits. With literally hundreds of patterns to choose from, you can use their signature mix and match pattern books along with their renowned guidance and approachability to make something truly unique for the people you love!

Melissa Galbraith

Melissa Galbraith is the incredible fiber artist behind McreativeJ. Known for her whimsical and modern embroidery designs. Melissa shares her love of embroidery through her kits, patterns and virtual workshops. 

Michelle Staub

Stitching Sabbatical began as a way to cleebrate those around us, especially our pets! Throughout the years Michelle has turned her hobby into a way to make others feel good. 

"It’s so rewarding to create a personalized piece of artwork to commemorate a pet and celebrate its life. Every stitch is stitched with love, and I think that translates throughout my work. I aim not to just stitch ‘a dog’ or ‘a cat’, but YOUR specific pet. I want their personalities to shine through each piece!"


Ciara is a multi-disciplinary designer specializing in lettering, embroidery and fashion.  She most recently designed a 3-part pattern series for DMC inspired by Mental Health Awareness. To dig deeper into the mind of Ciara, read our exclusive interview!

Celeste Johnston

Celeste Johnston is an embroidery artist based in Austin, TX. She designs, stitches and sells finished embroidery keepsakes. She also designs embroidery patterns and stitching guides. Celeste just wrapped up writing and photographing an embroidery how-to book, Freshly Stitched.

Cristina Alcantara

From Spain to Chile, Norway to the United States, Cristina, the founder and creator of Hoops & Expectations, has lived all over the world. Now based in NYC, this talented maker is living out her embroidery dream. It's impossible not to love her playfully illustrative style, punchy florals and signature Kånken bag customizations.

Jen Smith

Jen is an fiber artist from Wisconsin who turned her love of creating art into a full time gig in 2019. Her bold, colorful, and fin themes run through her finished fiber art pieces as well as her handmade jewelery. 

"I'm continually drawn to experimentation in mediums that add to and draw from my fiber work."


Sarah’s embroidery creations are inspired by interior design trends, a love for the Midcentury aesthetic, antique textiles, and her potted plant collection. Each of her pieces begins as a drawing before being meticulously hand-stitched.

Shop straight from her curated gallery and favorite DMC products to make along with her.