Hispanic Heritage Month

National Hispanic Heritage Month recognizes the achievements and contributions of Hispanic American champions who have inspired others to achieve success. Check out the beautiful work made by Hispanic needlework artists!
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Paula Gomez

Paula Gomez is the face and brains behind Cocohandmade. Based in Argentina, her use of color and pop culture inspired designs bring life into every piece that she cretes. She even cofounded Club de Bordado Argentina. Her extraordinary talent is exemplified in her beautiful work. 

Chelsea Craft

Chelsea Craft is the face and brains behind Craft Made Goods. She began her embroidery journey in 2016 and has been expanding ever since. She turned her love for the craft into a full time gig and is now participating in markets, pop ups, and even teaches classes. Her work exemplifies color and creativity that speaks to who she is. 

Maguie Montano

Maguie Montano began her embroidery journey in 2015 and has been taking it over ever since. Her work began as a new exploration, seeking to transcend through creativity. She started to intervene photographs and lithographs with threads, stamens and beads through different embroidery techniques, explored between colors and seams as lines that seek to renew an object and bring it closer to his imagination. Maguie's talent and creativity is exmeplified in every piece she makes.

Xaviera Fernandez Rios

Xaviera Fernandez Rios is the talent behind Kiwi Borda. Nicknamed "Kiwi", her careers in costume and industrial designs opened several doors to the different aspects of art she enjoys. She started stitching in 2018 and has been in love with the craft ever since.