Hug This Puppy


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New DMC Hug This is a super-soft and fluffy plush toy that hugs a plump skein of variegated yarn just right for knitting a baby blanket. When you finish the blanket, roll it up and tuck into the toy’s open arms for a special gift. Each of the six characters has a free blanket pattern. Choose from Kitten, Puppy, Lamb, Monkey, Bunny, and Teddy. Arms attach with hook & loop. 200 g skein. Fine weight (2) 100% acrylic yarn. Toy 100% polyester. Recommended needle size US 6/4 mm

Ref : HTY18PUS

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JEN / 08/10/2018

First Hug This for this novice knitter. Purl & knit 8-stitch pattern is interesting and challenging. Ring markers have been a must; but I’ve still made mistakes; adds to the charm of a hand knit item.

JE Nichols / 08/10/2018

Easiest kit that I bought; knit & purl. I’m a novice knitter. Using ring markers has been a must to keep track of pattern. I’m not done yet after about 3 months, but I’ve enjoyed the challenge. / 07/18/2018

I'm a knitting beginner. This blanket is taking a long time, mostly because I sometimes follow the wrong row pattern. Instructions are clear; it's me. Also, the yarn is small. The diamond pattern seems like the easiest to start with, since it's all pearl and knit. I've started using ring markers to keep track of the pattern blocks (8 stitches; repeated 111 total in a row). I am having FUN!!!