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Coloris Pattern Booklet Hydrangea


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Our booklets include a large colored printed pattern with the associated color key featuring DMC Coloris floss and a printed Coloris color card. With its bright color burst all shades compliment each other harmoniously without getting into one simple gradient tone. You will love stitching with DMC Coloris thread to unveil the beautiful color palettes.

Our newest DMC pattern booklet includes a feminine flower motif using new DMC Coloris thread. Colors needed for design are as follows:
  • DMC 4500 (1 skeins)
  • DMC 4501 (1 skeins)
  • DMC 4502 (1 skeins)
  • DMC 4503 (1 skeins)
  • DMC 4504 (1 skeins)
  • DMC 4505 (1 skeins)
  • DMC 4506 (1 skeins)
  • DMC 4507 (1 skeins)

Ref : 1527622S

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