Coloris Collector's Tin

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The limited edition Coloris Collector's Tin is packed with 24 skeins of DMC Coloris embroidery floss. Tuck the entire Coloris range away safely at your work station in a gold embossed metal tin. 

This gorgeous 6 strand floss is made from 100% cotton and features four DMC colors in a single thread. The color palette of every skein is carefully designed to be complementary—creating a rich, harmonized look. This thread will truly give your embroidery project a unique design.

Colors Included
4501   4505   4522   4513  
4523 4508 4500 4511
4512 4502 4514 4510
4509 4520 4521 4504
4519 4518 4515 4517
4516 4507 4503 4506

Thread features: Coloris is a single-thickness thread and measures 8m in length. While Coloris was designed for cross-stitch, it can also be used with other embroidery stitches, especially the flat point.

Care and Washing: Use a mild detergent. After washing, wrap the embroidery in a towel to remove excess water, then dry horizontally. To iron, put the embroidery on a clean cloth (preferably while still damp), and iron on the reverse side. Always keep the recommended heat setting for the fabric in mind.

Ref : 517TIN19S

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