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Color Card 35 New Colors


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DMC Floss color card with real thread thread. DMC offers a wide variety of embroidery colors to choose from! This color card is made with the actual strands of 454 + 35 NEW solid colors and 18 variegated DMC Six-Strand Floss colors.

Ref : W100BS

Customer Reviews

Average rating : 5/5 |  6 * Comments

tundrabilberry / 08/31/2018

Thrilled to get this. Colour selection is much more easily done, and from the comfort of home.

maximumblue / 07/04/2018

love this color card for finding, cinverting and designing needlework patterns.

Claire / 05/10/2018

This is an excellent resource. It is really great not only for looking up colors but also for making substitutions and conversions from called for threads. It's especially useful for those who don't have a local source and have to order their threads online because you can see the actual color that you're getting. So nice that shipping to the US is free. Shipping to Canada is very expensive but it only costs $1 more for shipping two charts so maybe a friend needs one, too.

ReneeEg / 04/19/2018

Exactly what I needed a color card with real thread samples. Threads are sorted by color grouping making it easy to see all shades of a color at a glance. There is also a chart that has all the DMC numbers in numerical order allowing you to quickly locate the column the sample is in. I am currently working on a project that has only symbols with no DMC numbers I was able to assign a DMC number to over 150 symbols - so easy with real threads. Now I don't have to worry about running out of thread on my project.

Joy Baule / 01/10/2018

I hadn't owned one of these color cards with actual floss samples on it in over 20 years. It is a wonderful tool that every stitcher should have in their possession! In addition to the wonderful samples of a variety of floss, the layout is beautiful as well as functional.

danabree / 01/10/2018

This is a great update to the colour card -- the newest 35 colours are clearly indicated, and they're nested into their colour families which makes the card really easy to use. Love this. :)