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The quality of your cross-stitch pattern will largely depend on the quality of the photo that you use.

The following recommendations will help to ensure that your pattern chart is of as high a quality as possible:

- The photo is of a high resolution
- The photo captures details
- There's sufficient colour contrast
- The subject is against a plain background (a wall, the beach, the sky)
- The subject is in focus 
To increase your chances of creating a high-quality pattern, you might want to consider avoiding some of the following:

- Photos taken from far away
- Blurry photos
- Photos that are too dark
- Photos that are too light
- Low resoltion photos
- Strong contrasts
- Large areas of shadows
- Busy backgrounds
- Reflections or objects that hinder the photo
- Avoid letters and phrases
Simply let our application guide you through the process where everything is explained step-by-step to help you convert your images into cross stitch patterns.
You can convert all types of images which are in digital format. Photos, illustrations, drawings, scanned objects, etc ... whether they are already stored in your computer or on a USB stick or CD.
Snap & Stitch accepts the most commonly used file formats for digital images (jpg, tiff, bmp, png, gif, ...).
Scan your image first in order to obtain a digital file format. You can then upload it and convert it into a cross stitch pattern.
By changing the number of colours you will be able to change graphic effects. With less colours you could even give your image a contemporary look.
By leaving it at "maximum 50", we will propose an optimal number of colours, generally between 20 and 35, depending on the image.

Note: If the diagram requires some colours that are not in stock, you will not receive them with your order and will not be charged for those either. This will be mentioned at checkout, and you will need to buy the threads separately when they are back in stock.


1- In the first step you will upload the image you wish to convert.
2-Now choose the fabric type you want to use.
3- Choose the size of your project.
4- Choose the desired number of colours.
5- Select the purchase option: Pattern only OR Pattern + the required threads 6- Add to cart and confirm your order.
Once the order has been confirmed and the payment made you will receive your pattern by e-mail to the address you used to place the order online.

If your payment is made by check or bank transfer, your patterns will be sent to you by e-mail once the payment is received.
The pattern is sent to you as a PDF file, a widely used online format.
If you do not yet have the software to read .pdf files you can download it for free at this address: https://get.adobe.com/uk/reader/

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Anna / 27/02/2018

This is absolutely brilliant! Just downloaded a pattern of my niece.