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Free embroidery patterns and cross stitch patterns - Collection: Variopinto x DMC

Our 1000 Patterns Project brings inspiration every Sunday with a free collection of exclusively designed patterns to download. Choose from our range of categories, such as Flowers & Garden and Seasons & Nature, or why not browse our designer collections. All patterns and designs can be downloaded free of charge. 

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Aloe  pattern Aloe  pattern

Aloe pattern

£3 Free

Blackberry  pattern Blackberry  pattern

Blackberry pattern

£3 Free

Cactus  pattern Cactus  pattern

Cactus pattern

£3 Free

Camomile  pattern Camomile  pattern

Camomile pattern

£3 Free

Coriander  pattern Coriander  pattern

Coriander pattern

£3 Free

Dandelion  pattern Dandelion  pattern

Dandelion pattern

£3 Free

Mimosa  pattern Mimosa  pattern

Mimosa pattern

£3 Free

Palms  pattern Palms  pattern

Palms pattern

£3 Free

Plant Pot  pattern Plant Pot  pattern

Plant Pot pattern

£3 Free

Watering Can  pattern Watering Can  pattern

Watering Can pattern

£3 Free

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