Patch Art Kit: Cloud Collection

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Give new life to your favourite clothes and accessories with the Patch Art kit: Cloud Collection!

This pack features clouds that will add a whole new dimension to your next project. It's never been so easy to transform your clothes and accessories, all thanks to this quick and easy felting technique. 

Plus, your kit comes with everything you need to get creative:
• 5 pieces of carded wool (5g)
• 2 felting needles
• 1 piece of foam (10cm x 12cm x 3.5cm)
• 1 cloud and 1 watter drop shaped cutter
• 2 skeins of Size 5 Pearl Cotton (10m)
• 1 diagram


Ref : U2068

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Patch Art is a quick and easy technique that allows you to personalise and breathe new life into your favourite garments!
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