Community and Competition

    Social Content Recommendations

    We love celebrating the creativity of the embroidery and craft community by resharing your work across our social media channels. If you would like to have your work featured, here are  a few of our content recommendations:

    - Please use the hashtags #dmcembroidery, #dmcthreads, and/or #dmcfreepatterns to give our social teams permission to reshare your work.

    - Tagging your photo with @dmc_embroidery, @dmc_france and/or @dmc_crafts on Instagram will help to ensure that our social team sees your content.

    - We cannot reshare images that feature the contributor’s userhandle superimposed on the image.

    - We cannot reshare images that feature names or dates.

    - Images should be suitable for a general audience.

    - Good lighting and high resolution photos are strongly recommended.

    - The work should preferably be the focal point of the photo, ideally with a minimalist background.

    These are general recommendations, and we cannot guarantee that your work will be featured.

    We always give credit to the artist for their work. Though we may sometimes accidentally miscredit a piece of work (as user handles change over time and through human error), we always try our best to ensure that the correct designer is credited.

    We understand the importance of originality and crediting artists. That’s why we endeavour to avoid resharing work that has been closely copied from another designer without due credit or permission.

    Competition T&Cs

    - Entrants must be 13+ to enter.
    - Unless otherwise specified, entrants must reside in one of DMC’s shipping territories:

        French overseas (Martinique, Guadeloupe, Reunion island and French Guiana)
        United Kingdom

    Unfortunately, due to logistical constraints, entries from outside our shipping territories cannot be considered.

     Where the competition specifies that a content contribution is necessary:

    All content must be suitable for a general audience, and free of any inappropriate behavior or offensive material. By submitting content to our site, you declare you are of legal age with full rights regarding the content. You have created this content yourself or possess written permission from the rightful owner granting DMC usage of the content as follows. This content must have permission for use by all parties who appear without violating any rights of third parties and in compliance with applicable laws. Prior to submitting content, obtain explicit consent when necessary. By providing a photo submission you agree to DMC featuring your work on digital channels including but not limited to @dmc_embroidery Instagram page, websites and email newsletters.