Information regarding the change of certain DMC dye formulations

    As the leading global brand for embroidery thread, DMC is committed to providing top-of-the range thread of irreproachable quality. The consistency of our thread colours is second to none so you can be confident that a particular shade of DMC thread will always be exactly the same shade. 

    We also take utmost care of consumer health and are committed to respecting the environment through full compliance to European legislation. As legislation evolves, DMC develops new dyes to maintain the precision of the colours we manufacture. 

    Unavoidably five colours have very slightly changed. Although the colour change is imperceptible to the naked eye in daylight, under artificial light it is sometimes possible to discern a slight variation when the new and old versions are compared side by side. To avoid this metamerism impacting our customers, we indicate thread manufactured with these new dye formulas with a dot (.) after the colour reference number on the label. Therefore, we advise customers to check that all the skeins of these colours that are going to be used in a single project either have the dot or not.


    Example shows colour 304:

    In artificial light:                                           In daylight:

    New formula 304.

    Original formula 304

    Metamerism is shown in the images above. 

    In addition to maintaining our compliance with European legislation the new formulations for 304, 321, 498, 816 and 815, have greater consistency and enable us to reliably reproduce these colours much more easily.