Fine Punch Needle Tool



Our fine punch needle tool creates highly textured and 3 dimensional punch needle pieces using finer embroidery threads such as Coton Perlé and Mouliné Spécial. The technique creates a soft loopy texture on one side of the fabric and flat stitches on the other. You can explore which side you prefer or flip your work for different sections to combine flat and loopy textures. It’s a very creative technique that delivers results easily and quickly. To learn more about the punch needle technique visit our video tutorials.

  • 3 interchangeable needle tips (1.3 mm, 1.6 mm and 2.2 mm) suitable for Coton Perlé size 3, 5 and 8. You can also use up to 3 strands of Mouliné Spécial with the 1.3 mm needle tip.
  • 2 needle threaders.
  • 11cm long plastic handle.
  • Adjustable so you can vary the size of the loops you create.
  • Full instructions are provided on the back of the packaging.


Ref : U1964

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