Carousel Horse Snow Globe pattern

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Warm pastels and zesty citrus hues are center stage in this nostalgic embroidery pattern. This advanced-level, free design features a carousel horse snow globe that is both heartwarming and festive.

Skill level: advanced

Please note: If magic sheets are referenced in the pattern instructions, please be aware that they are coming soon. You can substitute magic sheets by using a light box technique with a DMC water soluble embroidery pen or by using tracing paper.

Lola Ghirardi, the Spanish designer behind Srta Lylo, started embroidery around 8 years ago because she wanted to make things with her hands. These days she is a graphic designer who also gives embroidery classes. In her embroidery designs, she likes interpreting reality through different types of stitches.


2-10 時間

Srta. Lylo x DMC


型番 : PAT0063

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